Why We Focus On Data

Why we focus on data - Most of us have heard of the term "Data is the new oil". Data today is what oil has been over the years, the same way resources such as diesel, petrol, wax and other petrochemical products have been extracted from oil, data can also be mined and insights generated from it which companies can use to make useful decisions that drives the business. This helps companies make informed decisions based on facts on what is currently happening and which can be used to predict the future as against guess and random speculations as has been over the years.

In Today's World

Tons of these valuable data are generated daily through connected devices that pass information to each other. It takes people with the right skill set to analyse and derive the right information from this data which companies can use to their advantage in ways such as learning more about their customers, improving systems, making some key business decisions and so on.

Existing Professionals

For individuals who are already professionals in non data related fields, the time has come when knowledge and skill level has to be beyond having them on a general scale to being a more specialised one. For instance it is not enough to be a project manager or business analyst with the general knowledge, you need to specialise in a domain area and one which you cannot go wrong on is data.

Why we focus on data - Companies are constantly in search of people with varying levels of data skills. Unfortunately, the available jobs currently outnumbers people having the skill set and this is where we come in.

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